To be a Vigilant Leader in Calcium Carbonate market


Growing together with Customers and Suppliers
Providing optimal value for Customers
Developing organizational systems and human resources

Quality Policy

Actualizing customer satisfaction by implementing continual quality improvement
in production process by fulfilling all requirements related to product and services





  • PT Omya Indonesia was established in 1992, it is a merge of three Calcium Carbonate manufactures namely PT Inkalko Agung (Indonesia), PT ICCI (Indonesia) and Omya (Switzerland)
  • PT Inkalko Agung was founded in 1975, while PT ICCI in 1980. Both companies were the two biggest high quality calcium carbonate manufacturers in Indonesia. They supply their products to many huge Indonesian companies which use calcium carbonate to support their manufacturing process.
  • Omya was established in 1884 and was the world leading calcium carbonate producer with experience more than a century.




  • Due to the rapid growth of demand in high quality calcium carbonate in Indonesia, the three companines has merged together and formed a company under the name of PT Camco Omya Indonesia
  • As per July 2002, the name has changed to PT. Omya Indonesia
  • At present, PT. Omya Indonesia has been recognized as a company manufacturing high quality calcium carbonate, therefore has contributed significantly in creating consistent and outstanding products for customers



Omya Value



Quality System Philosophy

PT Omya Indonesia quality system philosophy is to give total satisfaction to customers through creative learning; continous improvement; and total quality management system.
Owing to this. the product quality must be continuously promoted in all aspects of human resources, in all directions of work fields, and in every opportunities of works.
The quality system philosophy of PT Omya Indonesia was design in context of attempting sustainable promotion as mention above.





Product Application


PT Omya Indonesia has been able to successfully produce calcium carbonate in rich variants and high quality. These product have been use to support all kind of end products such as:

  • Liquid Calcium Carbonate (slurry)
    Largely use in paper industries as filler content or paper coating
  • Powdered Calcium Carbonate (dry)
    Largely use in paint manufactures, PVC, polyolefines, polyester & epoxy, polyurethanes, adhesives, rubber, soap, ceramics, water treatment, ink, and tooth paste


Sidoarjo Office


Jl. Raya Km. 20 Surabaya - Mojokerjo
Desa Tanjungsari, Trosobo, Sidoarjo
East Java, Indonesia

Paciran Plant


Jl. Raya Paciran Km 76.3 Desa Kandang Semangkon, Paciran,
Lamongan, East Java Indonesia

Sentul Plant


Jl. Raya Deandles Km. 62 Desa Sidokelar, Paciran, Lamongan,
East Java, Indonesia

Tuder Plant


Desa Wonokerto, Kecamatan Sale,
Kabupaten Rembang,
Central Java, Indonesia

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  • Jl. Raya Km. 20 Surabaya - Mojokerjo
    Desa Tanjungsari, Trosobo, Sidoarjo
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